Dalreoch Estate tea to receive global accolade

Picture: PA
Picture: PA
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THE makers of a luxury Scottish tea are set to pick up the tea world’s biggest accolade.

Dalreoch Estate white smoked tea, produced by The Wee Tea Plantation in Perthshire, has been honoured by the Salon de The awards in Paris.

A pot of the tea will set you back £10 at Edinburgh’s Balmoral Hotel and a tin of loose leaf from Fortnum & Mason costs £35 for 15 grams.

Traditionally grown in India and China, the producers say its plantation in Amulree benefits from the clean Scottish air, fresh spring water and good soil.

The Wee Tea Company planted 2,000 tea plants (Camelia Sinensis), making it one of the largest commercial tea plantations in Europe, and the only one in Scotland.

The Wee Tea Plantation’s owner, Tam O’Braan, told the BBC: “Taken from just the first two leaves and the tip, the teas offer a refined and very Scottish flavour of both natural freshness and a rich peaty glen.

“Being the only smoked white tea in the world, it has a very subtle unique flavour similar in nature to a peaty whisky.”

Fortnum & Mason said the tea boasts “fruity, peachy and nutty tones with a delicate initial hint of smoke”.

Dalreoch Estate tea was recently announced as the winner of the gold standard at the prestigious Salon du The awards.

The award ceremony takes place this afternoon, when the company will accept the prize.


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