Da Vinci Code rapist: Greens twin breaks reveller’s leg in rage at mistaken identity

THE twin of the Da Vinci Code rapist broke a party-goer’s leg after he was mistakenly called by his brother’s name.

Richard Greens, 35, lost his temper at a Hogmanay party after being called Robert – who was jailed in 2005 for the brutal rape of a Dutch student at Rosslyn Chapel – by a man known as Mr Robertson.

Greens, a dad-of-five from Penicuik, Midlothian, then pushed Garry Campbell down a flight of concrete stairs.

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The throw was so brutal that the victim’s shin bone broke through his skin.

Sheriff William Holligan refused to rule out sending Greens and his wife Lee, 32, who kicked Mr Campbell’s broken leg, to prison.

They both admitted the assault, in January this year, and reset charges when they appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday.

The Greens were arrested days after the attack at their home, where police discovered items that had been stolen during a housebreaking.

Greens told police he had purchased a mobile phone, a computer, a handbag and a 
television from a “junkie” in Penicuik.

Depute procurator fiscal Karen Rollo told the court that Robert Greens was the “so-called Da Vinci rapist”, which left Richard Greens and his wife angry when he was mistakenly called his brother’s name.

She said Greens threw Mr Campbell down a flight of stairs, leaving him “screaming in pain”.

The court also heard that before an ambulance arrived for Mr Campbell, Lee Greens accused the victim of being a “drama queen” and argued he hadn’t been hurt before kicking the broken limb.

Ms Rollo said: “She was seen to pick (the leg) up by the foot and waggled it back and forth three of four times, she then tapped his leg and was heard to say it was not broken and that he did not need an ambulance.

“She told the gentleman that he had fallen down the stairs and thereafter she kicked him on the inside of his broken leg near where the break was.”

The court heard that Mr Campbell was still receiving treatment and was expected to have “considerable” scarring on his leg.

Sentence was deferred until next month.

But Sheriff Holligan said: “I can’t rule out any disposal in this matter.”