Video: Police officer sings karaoke in Glasgow bar

HE'S one cop who really knows his beat.

The police officer performed in the Waterloo Bar in Glasgow

A police officer delighted drinkers in a city centre bar when he joined in a karaoke session after being called out to deal with a drunken customer.

Sergeant Jon Harris was part of a 10-strong team who responded to an incident at the Waterloo Bar in Glasgow on Wednesday night.

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A man was reported to have thrown a drink over his girlfriend and then repeatedly tried to re-enter into the bar after being ejected.

The police officer performed in the Waterloo Bar in Glasgow

While his colleagues dealt with the situation outside, Sergeant John opted to calm the busy bar by agreeing to sing a karaoke number.

The officer was cheered to the rafters as he then performed disco classic I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.

A video of the performance was uploaded to social media by one witness, where it has since attracted almost 100,000 views.

The officer even pointed towards the bar’s entrance as he sang the line “Oh now go, walk out the door, just turn around now, you’re not welcome anymore.”

The police officer performed in the Waterloo Bar in Glasgow

At the end of a song he took a bow and got a standing ovation before going back to his duties.

One customer, Steven McGhee, 38, a call centre manager, uploaded the video yesterday.

He said: “We were at the pub for their ‘Wacky Waterloo Wednesday’ event and one guy threw some glasses over his girlfriend, so I chucked him outside.

“He tried to get back in so we called the police, and about ten of them turned up.

“Some of them were taking statements and trying to watch the CCTV footage and then this one officer, who we just know is called Sergeant John, decided to sing karaoke.

“He picked the song and I’m pretty sure he’s performed it before - he had the hand movements and everything.”

He added: “Police do get a bad rep but the ones around here are always really friendly. This guy got a huge round of applause at the end - his rendition wasn’t too bad to be fair.”

Another customer Peter McKenna-Boyd, added: “Everybody just loved it.”

Chief Inspector Mark Sutherland, area commander for Glasgow city centre, praised his officer’s actions.

“Once the inquiry had concluded and the victim’s safety ensured, Sgt Jon Harris from our city centre community policing team was encouraged to participate in karaoke ongoing in the pub.

“Sgt Jon took to the stage, which helped to defuse any simmering tensions in the pub. I was pleased to see that once the incident had been professionally concluded, my officers were able to share a lighter moment with those who remained in the pub.”


Officers looking to emulate their Glasgow colleague’s karaoke heroics could perform any of these police-related pop hits at a venue of their choice.



BOBBY’S GIRL - Susan Maughan

JAILHOUSE ROCK - Elvis Presley

KARMA POLICE - Radiohead

THE BEAT GOES ON - Sonny and Cher



FRAMED - Richie Valens