Teenager broke into prison to win back the love of his jailed ex-girlfriend

A teenager has broken into a German prison in an attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend.

Prison authorities in the north-western town of Vechta said the 18-year-old scaled a 13-foot wall to get to his ex's window.

Prison officials intercepted the man. He refused to climb back down, and the fire service was called to bring him down with a ladder.

It was not clear whether he succeeded in winning back the heart of the young woman, also 18, who had broken up with him by phone.

A love-struck teen scaled a 13ft wall to get to his ex's window. Picture: AP


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The man is being investigated for trespassing and unauthorised contact with prisoners.

It was reported that the man was half-naked, having taken off many of his clothes to avoid getting caught on barbed wire.