Swastikas daubed on tombs in historic Edinburgh cemetery

Some of the graffiti at the New Calton Burial Ground
Some of the graffiti at the New Calton Burial Ground
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MINDLESS yobs have daubed vile graffiti on graves in one of the Capital’s most historic cemeteries.

Filth scrawled on the tombs and monuments of a war hero and leading lights from the city’s past in New Calton Burial Ground include swastikas and sexually offensive terms.

Family tombs were among those targeted

Family tombs were among those targeted

A horrified tour guide with a group from New York came across the foul paintwork over the weekend at the Regent Road cemetery popular with visitors to the Capital.

“We live in intolerant times with indecent language from all sides of the political spectrum. The tone of political debate has coarsened,” said city centre Tory councillor Joanna Mowat.

Swastikas were found daubed on walls in nearby Jacob’s Ladder last week, said Cllr Mowat.

“It’s very concerning and is the second such incident in a very short space of time which hopefully means it’s the work of one person,” she added.

“Language is used in a casual way which is very, very frightening for members of the community - we need to moderate and be careful of what we say.”

Cllr Mowat said her group had been calling for a anti-graffiti tsar to be appointed by the council after an upsurge in attacks.

The Evening News reported last month how yobs sparked outrage after scrawling sectarian graffiti on bus stops in Juniper Green.

Three shelters were vandalised in one night, including one with an offensive slur targeted towards the Pope.

“There’s more graffiti in the city and we’re getting reports more frequently,” said Cllr Mowat.

“If you don’t deal with it, then it’s encouraging to other people because they feel they can get away with it.”

Graves daubed with offensive words included family tombs to major figures in the Capital’s past - including rear admiral Andrew Smith who died in 1831.

A mound of ashes from a burnt-out fire were seen close to some of the graffiti - along with empty cider cans.

One visitor said yesterday: “It’s absolutely disgusting. You get jakies in here all the time. The police throw them out but they just come back again.”