Scuffling scaffolders come down hard on victim in Grangemouth pub fight

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A quiet afternoon drink at Grangemouth’s Earl of Zetland pub turned into a violent struggle with two men chasing down and assaulting their victim while he was on the ground.

Alexander Baird (52) and John Gibney (47) ran after Colin Butterfield, and when he tripped and fell to the floor, they continued to rain down blows on him.

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court last Thursday, both men pled guilty to the assault they committed at the Bo’ness Road premises on February 23.

Procurator fiscal depute Susan Campbell said: “The complainer was within the Earl of Zetland pub with a friend. They were approached by the two accused and there was conversation around a table.

“During that exchange an argument broke out between all parties. The struggle was captured on CCTV, with each of the parties acting aggressively towards each other.

“Mr Butterfield attempted to exit the pub and was pursued by Baird and Gibney. At the foot of the stairs at the main entrance the two accused caught up with him. He tripped up and ended up on the ground.

“The two accused proceeded to punch him to the head and body while was on the ground. Members of the public and staff were trying to intervene and break things up. Mr Butterfield left the pub with his friend.”

Mr Butterfield’s left eye was swollen, but he had an x-ray and was found to have no fractures. He was released from hospital with a head injury advice sheet.

The court heard Baird, 130 Central Avenue, Grangemouth, and Gibney, 6f Kerse Road, Grangemouth, who both work as scaffolders, and the others involved in the incident had all been drinking alcohol at the time.

Defence solicitor Martin Morrow, representing Gibney, said: “There had been this fall out and they should have known better. There is no ongoing difficulty.

Sheriff Derek Hamilton fined both Baird and Gibney £450 each.