Scots run more red lights than anyone else in the UK

Over 11,000 drivers in Scotland were caught running red lights in 2018 - more than anywhere else in the UK.

Scots are the worst at running red lights in the UK (Photo: Shutterstock)

The total is almost four times higher than the number of drivers who were caught in Greater Manchester, and double the number caught in Essex.

Where are the worst places for red light runners?

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Scotland tops the list with 11,685 drivers caught in 2018, with motorists in Nottinghamshire caught 9,805 times, according to, who collated the data. Avon and Somerset is third with 9,675, with Merseyside Police fourth with 7,134.

Bottom of the list is Kent Police with only 1,790 drivers caught running a red light, with Hertfordshire motorists the second worst at 2,094.

Numbers have dropped in Scotland compared to 2018, with 11,842 caught in 2017.

How can you get caught?

Traffic light cameras are the most common way to be caught running a red light.

Not all cameras in traffic lights are used to catch offenders, and not all police forces use them to catch red light runners, hence why the numbers of drivers caught can vary from area to area.

The most active traffic light cameras are in Gateshead, which caught 2,698 drivers in 2018, and Enderby in Leicestershire, which caught 1,742 drivers.

As for the type of car people drive who are caught, Fords are the most popular with 2,833 motorists caught. BMW and Audi drivers are fifth and sixth on the list, with around 500 drivers caught running red lights.