Pet owner left devastated after her two cats were shot in her home village

Two cats were shot on the Isle of Mull leaving one dead and the other seriously injured
Two cats were shot on the Isle of Mull leaving one dead and the other seriously injured
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A HEARTBROKEN owner has begun an investigation into the plight of her two pet cats Emre and Bear.

The two cats, described as "incredibly affectionate", were shot in Tobermory, Mull, killing one and leaving the other with serious injuries.

Owner Fiona Henderson and the police are appealing for witnesses to the brutal attacks which took place a month apart.

Fiona Henderson, of Rockfield, Tobermory, said: “Emre was our youngest cat, aged just two years old, when he was shot and killed in late November.

“He was an extremely affectionate cat, and would always roll over and start yapping for nothing more than attention when he saw you.

“The chilling verdict of the vet was that he was shot from close range, perhaps indicating that it was this affection that got him killed.

“Tobermory is an incredibly safe place, so this came as a massive shock.”

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There was further heartbreak when her second cat, four-year-old Bear, was shot overnight between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Mrs Henderson said: “Bear is is very affectionate. He is a huge character, and it’s hard to imagine the house without him, which is why it came as such a shock to see him in the awful state he was in on Christmas Day.

“To be perfectly honest, after giving him comfort, a blanket, water and food, we went to bed not knowing whether he would still be with us in the morning. It was difficult for us to know what to do, with the vets being off for Christmas.

“I guess it was hard to believe that, after the reaction caused by the original shooting, someone would be cruel enough to do it again. But, according to the vet, that is exactly what nearly killed our Bear at Christmas.

“Pets really are family, and when you’ve watched them grow from birth, learning to walk and play as we have done, it’s heartbreaking to see them suffer, or worse.”

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An Argyll and West Dunbartonshire Police spokesman said: "A domestic cat was shot and injured with an Air Gun, or similar weapon, between Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th December, in the Rockfield area of Tobermory, Mull.

"A similar incident, already under investigation, occurred in Tobermory on 25th/26th November when another Cat was shot and killed by an Air Gun or Similar weapon.

"Mull Police officers are investigating the incident and are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact them or call 101.

"Please quote incident number 3885 of 07/01/20.

"You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."