Lord Advocate says hate crime will be met by the '˜full force of the law'

Scotland's top prosecutor has said disability hate crime is 'significantly under-reported'.

Lord Advocate James Wolffe said hate crime was an 'affront'.
Lord Advocate James Wolffe said hate crime was an 'affront'.

Issuing a warning to those who attack others based on their race, religion or sexuality, Lord Advocate James Wolffe said hate crime was an “affront to basic values of tolerance and respect”.

The Crown Office, said Mr Wolffe, was sending a “strong message” to help mark UK Hate Crime Awareness Week.

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It came after Chief Constable Phil Gormley said tackling hate crime was an “absolute priority” for Police Scotland.

Mr Wolffe said he would attend an event at the police college at Tulliallan, Fife, on Friday to raise awareness of disability hate crime.

He said: “All people in Scotland are entitled to live their lives free from violence, intimidation and prejudice. Crime motivated by hatred is an affront to the basic values of tolerance and respect which characterise modern Scotland. It is liable to create division and fear within and between communities.

He added: “The prosecution service, along with Police Scotland, plays an essential role in creating an environment in which all people who live in Scotland, regardless of their personal or social circumstances, can have confidence that they live in a just society and that they will be protected from crime – and in particular from hate crime.”