'I'm dealing with the kids asking where he is' - Prestonpans couple are 'numb' after discovering their puppy dead in their hot tub

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A Prestonpans couple are ‘heartbroken’ and ‘numb’ after their dog was found cruelly beaten and drowned in their hot tub.

Louise and Jordan Main discovered their beloved 11-month-old French Bulldog named Novo in their hot tub after he had been missing yesterday.

Novo was found floating in the family's hot tub with the lid closed over

Novo was found floating in the family's hot tub with the lid closed over

Jordan, 24, believes someone broke into his garden in and cruelly attacked the family pet before dumping the body in the tub and closing the lid.

The family have said a local vet has confirmed that little Novo had suffered serious trauma to his head, nose and legs during the horror attack.

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“I left to take my kids out and when I came back I thought Novo was away to work with my partner,” said Louise, 30, “He got back to me around 9:30am that day to say he wasn’t there.”

She added: “I had been out looking for him all morning and when my partner came home he came home to help.

“Around 1:30pm he seen an indent in the hot tub lid and opened it and Novo was there, I was in the living room but I heard him screaming so went out.

“His daughter who is only four went running out as well and seen it.”

Jordan had to go into the hot tub to get the dog out wrapped in a towel, but as soon as they saw the poor pooch they knew he was gone.

The dad-of-four said: “I was out looking for him for hours all over the place and it was only a very last resort I thought about looking in the hot tub.

“My neighbour said she saw someone climbing over my gate that morning and I can only think they wanted to steal something from me.

“But to do this is to a defenceless dog is beyond comprehension - they really are evil to do this kind of thing.”

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The family are now looking for answers as to what happened and why and Louise has made a heartfelt online appeal for anyone with information to come forward.

“I have no idea who would do this to us,” Louise said, “The fact that they have come into our property.”

“We have no vendettas against us and have had no arguments so I don’t know who would do this.”

She said that the children have been asking where their beloved Novo is and one daughter is too scared to stay at home and has been staying with relatives.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “We received a report around 5.50pm on Tuesday 1 October that a dog had been found dead in a hot tub on Robertson Avenue.

“We are waiting on the results of the postmortem to establish if there's any criminality.”

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