Couple caught on CCTV after ‘brazen’ Burdiehouse break-in

Brazen couple caught on CCTV
Brazen couple caught on CCTV
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A SHIFTY couple have been caught on camera apparently casing family homes on a modern Capital housing estate.

Footage shows the pair leaping over fences and peering through the windows of properties in Clippens Drive, Burdiehouse.

One house was reportedly broken into around the same time on Monday afternoon prompting warnings for residents to be on their guard.

One neighbour said: “People in the area are pretty shocked by this.

“It’s the fact it was such a brazen break-in made in broad daylight, right around the time people are coming back from work.

“the thieves must have known they’d be spotted and obviously just didn’t care. Hopefully the police catch up with them soon and they are given a heavy punishment.”

Uniformed police officers are now understood to be conducting door-to-door enquiries on the estate where four-bedroom detached houses fetch around £275,000.

One eyewitness spotted the couple scoping out properties in the street and believed the girl to be under 20 years of age and wearing leggings and a light coloured top.

The pair are believed to have knocked the door or rung the bell of homes to check if anyone was in at around 5.30pm.

Would-be raiders are understood to have triggered an alarm at one house which sent an alert to the property owner, who was out at the time.

She phoned a relative who called round and discovered a break-in but no details were available on whether anything had been stolen.

Neighbours were notified and CCTV of the couple was obtained from a security camera. They were then identified by the eye-witness as the suspects.

A police spokeswoman said: “A housebreaking on Clippens Drive was reported to us on Monday 13 May. Enquiries are ongoing.”

Tips for residents on what to do if they think they have been targeted by housebreakers are available from police.

Officers warn homeowners who spot any signs of a break-in, like a smashed window or an open door, not to enter as the intruder may still be inside.

Instead, residents are advised to go to a neighbour and call the police on 101 or, if you believe the intruder is still there, via 999.

Investigators warn that thieves are opportunists and so families are urged to keep their homes securely locked at all times.

Homeowners are advised not to leave keys on the inside of door locks, under mats or anywhere else an intruder may easily find them.

And keyholders are warned not to put any details of where they live on their fob - in case they lose it.

Another neighbour said: “They both walk up to the end of Clippens Drive near the main road and the guy hides his face because he is clearly aware there are CCTV cameras on a number of houses.

“They blatantly stared into the house they broke into before going out of sight of the camera.

“The girl appeared minutes later jumping over a garden fence and just casually walked back down the street.

“We think it is the same people who have broken into homes here before.”