BBC presenter takes broadcaster to court over unequal pay claims

The BBC has been taken to court over unequal pay claims
The BBC has been taken to court over unequal pay claims
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BBC presenter Samira Ahmed is taking the broadcaster to court over claims of unequal pay.

The Radio 4 presenter will go to an employment tribunal regarding alleged "failure to provide equal pay for equal value work", according to court documents.

BBC presenter Samira Ahmed

BBC presenter Samira Ahmed

Ms Ahmed has been among the female talents at the BBC to voice their concerns over pay equality following the scandal over former China editor Carrie Gracie's salary.

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Ms Ahmed, who hosts Newswatch and presents Radio 4's Front Row, previously said she felt "hugely bullied" over her employment status at the BBC.

This was stated in evidence given to the House of Commons Culture Committee last year as the impact of the corporation encouraging staff to establish personal service companies was investigated.

Gracie found she was being paid significantly less than her male counterparts in 2018, a revelation that led to her resignation in protest.

She later settled with the BBC, receiving an apology and a payout.

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The BBC has declined to comment on the upcoming hearing at the Central London Employment Tribunal, currently scheduled for Monday 28 October.

Ms Ahmed's representatives have been contacted for comment.

The news was first reported by The Guardian, who branded the legal action a "landmark" case.