Cowgate confusion is in need of clarification

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THE part-time one way signage in the Cowgate is leading to several responsible but confused drivers being fined and given penalty points every night.

If you are driving along the Cowgate heading towards Holyrood after 10pm then just before reaching Blair Street a luminous no entry sign appears.

It is not at all clear what you are meant to do and indeed the choice is to cross the sign and turn left up Blair Street (assuming the ban is on entering further into the Cowgate) or doing a U-turn and driving back into the pedestrianised area.

Many drivers each night are coming upon this and there is no information about how to proceed. Those who choose to get out of the pedestrianised area and exit up Blair Street are being picked off by waiting police. The driver is then fined 60 and given three penalty points.

The fact that the police are sitting waiting highlights that they are aware of the confusion.

The traffic department say that improved signage will be in place in December - until then drivers need to be warned that they will need to perform a U-turn (on a pedestrian crossing!) and drive back along the Cowgate and turn left to exit the Cowgate.

Even following appeals the fines are being upheld and drivers are having to pay as a result of poor information. What can we do?

Jenny Patterson, Bellfield Street, Edinburgh