Couple's noisy sex prompts action warning from council

IT is not the kind of advice you expect from a city council officer.

Louise Lee was already mortified to find neighbours had complained about her noisy sex life in her Little France flat.

But she claims she was left speechless when the "helpful" official suggested she "chew toffees" to keep the noise down during lovemaking.

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Ms Lee, 28, told the Evening News: "I don't know if she was trying to be funny, but it was absolutely ridiculous."

Ms Lee and her boyfriend Les Bateson, 23, said that officials warned they faced being hit with an antisocial behaviour order if there are any more complaints.

The pair deny being a nuisance and say they have been humiliated by the experience, which has now affected their sex life.

Ms Lee, an administrator, was called in to speak with an antisocial behaviour officer two weeks ago and was mortified to discover the nature of the complaints.

She had received a letter days before advising her of the meeting, and was convinced it related to noise when she had friends round the previous week.

She said: "I had a few glasses of wine that night and was concerned that perhaps there had been noise. So I was expecting to go in and explain myself over that.

"It would have been better if the concierge had explained over the phone, but instead I had to see this officer face-to-face. She seemed to love that I was squirming."

Ms Lee has lived in her fifth-floor property for three-and-a-half years without any complaints from residents. Her boyfriend moved in last November and she was told that three complaints about the noise of their lovemaking were made the week before the meeting.

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The couple say they are at a loss to suggest who may be making the allegations, but are furious that the council failed to approach them about any complaints before Ms Lee was forced to discuss her sex life with a stranger.

She said: "At one point she said that perhaps I should chew toffees while I have sex. It was ridiculous.

"I was told that if anyone complains about us within 28 days, the council will start legal proceedings for an Asbo."

She added: "When did making love become antisocial?

"I am certainly not the quietest of people, but to be antisocial you have to be over so many decibels and I am definitely not that."

Mr Bateson, a university student, said: "It is ridiculous it has been brought to this stage."

A city council spokeswoman confirmed the noise complaints were being investigated and that while formal action may follow, there had not yet been any mention of an Asbo. She also denied that the official made any reference to chewing toffees.

She said: "We take all complaints of excessive noise and antisocial behaviour very seriously. We had received a number of complaints against Ms Lee and regardless of what the cause of the disturbance is, her neighbours are entitled to peace and quiet. We refute claims our officer was inappropriate in handling this case."


IT is not the first time a council has taken action over noisy lovemaking. Asbos have been threatened and issued to a number of couples recently.

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A Wakefield woman who annoyed neighbours with "loud sexual groans" was told to stop under the terms of an Asbo in 2007.

In June 2006, more than 400 complaints were made against a Newcastle mother who was driving her neighbours up the wall with her "deafening" lovemaking.

The 35-year-old was issued with an Asbo after her council took her to court in a bid to stop the noisy sessions, which she attributed to her husband having been prescribed Viagra.