Council probe after claims of '˜mystery organ' in Kirkcaldy takeaway

Fife Council are investigating after a Kirkcaldy man claims he found an unknown organ in his Chinese takeaway.

The mystery item James says came in his chow mein.

James Keet ordered a special chow mein from a Kirkcaldy eatery through Just Eat, but he says got a nasty surprise.

The menu says the special chow mein contains chicken, pork, prawn, noodles, and omlette, but makes no mention of what James says appears to be a chicken’s heart.

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He said: “It was an experience. They’ve refunded me the money, but this needs to be looked at.

“It definitely isn’t meant to come with a heart.

“I had three kids here as well but they didn’t have that.

“I’d already had a few mouthfuls and then I moved the top of the omlette over, and that’s when I saw it. I thought ‘that’s weird, it’s got capillaries coming out of it’.

“I was feeling sick. I got on the phone to them straight away and told them. I just had to chuck the rest of the food out. I couldn’t even eat a chip.

“The kids had had fried rice and chips, and I’d served them first so they were sitting there eating, but they didn’t eat too much.

“And when I showed them what I had in my dinner, they left all theirs.

“Nobody’s confirmed it’s a heart, but it looks to me like it is. It doesn’t look normal.

“The organ appears to have been deep fried, but details are still visible.

“I took a picture and stuck it on Facebook to ask if anyone knew what it was, and a lot of people were saying it was a heart.

“I’ve still got it, I wrapped it all up and put it in the fridge to keep as evidence if anybody needs it.

“I contacted Just Eat, and they said they were going to try and sort out a refund, but I had to speak to the Chinese. They would organise a refund.”

The restaurant in question was contacted for comment and denied that the item came from their establishment.

A spokesperson said: “That meat was not from here. It’s definitely not from us because we don’t have that kind of meat.

“The colour, the sauce used on that meat isn’t from us either. He never gave us the meat, he just gave us the picture.

“He complained and wanted a refund, and just to keep him happy we gave him the money back through Just Eat.”

Lisa McCann, Fife Council service manager, said: “We are aware of a complaint which has been made and we are currently investigating.”

Just Eat spokesperson: “We take food safety seriously and work closely with our 29,000 independent restaurant partners to help raise standards across the takeaway sector.

“We want our customers to have a positive experience when ordering their food online and were sorry to hear that in this case, this customer’s experience with our restaurant partner did not reflect the standard we would hope to deliver.

“We are investigating this with the restaurant partner involved, who has already authorised a full refund, and are also liaising with the relevant local authority.”

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