'˜Cosmopolitan city...Don't think so' Readers react to Espy noise complaints

Readers have hit out at the noise complaint made to the Espy that resulted in the popular Porty venue stopped breakfasts.

The Espy have stopped selling their breakfasts due to noise complaints.
The Espy have stopped selling their breakfasts due to noise complaints.

In an exclusive in the Edinburgh Evening News, we revealed that the bar and restaurant had been forced to fold their breakfast menu after dozens of complaints from neighbouring residents.

Noise pollution complaints saw owner Amanda Caygill shelve the busy breakfast service after offering it for more than 10 years.

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And many customers, locals and readers have been quick to voice their disgust at those who complained about the noise.

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Paul Burzala wrote: “What a joke time.to start protecting business or no one will have jobs at this rate absolutely shocking.”

Lydia Buchanan added: “Really can’t understand why people would complain when they now there is a cafe there do they now realise that could be another business that closes”

James Harley chimed in saying: “They will saying next visiting the beach is ruining our view

Paul Brodie said: “Cosmopolitan city? Don’t think so.”

Mary Dixon added: “I should have thought that it was an inevitable consequence of living near businesses.”

One user on a social media page wrote: “Too many people forget that their petty complaints result in people losing jobs. The Espy was THE business that turned porty prom into what it is now. Without its hard work and success we’d all still be eating chips and Mr Whippy.”

Kiimberlee Gally joked: How does cracking a few eggs make that much noise?! Really?!”

Marlene Wentworth added: “The neighbours should try living on the flight path, planes flying overhead at all times during the night and day, you get used to it. Feel sorry for those that have lost their jobs through this.”

Neighbouring businesses have had similar complaints directed towards them, with the owner of the Espy telling the Evening News “It’s not nice when your neighbours don’t like you.”