Clean up with qualification to prepare for career in industry

A LOCAL cleaning firm is introducing a new qualification to prepare workers for a career in the industry.

Maid2Clean, which is based in West Lothian, hopes its MaidVersity qualification will create more jobs in the area and allow for a path to career progression.

Owner Frances Poole has developed the course in conjunction with Professor Pat O’Mara, chief accreditation officer from the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences, to encourage more people to consider cleaning as an occupation.

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Despite the fact that cleaning NVQs are already in operation, this new exam is the only qualification to specialise in domestic cleaning exclusively.

By studying an extensive handbook and understanding the industry best practises, candidates can complete the 90-question examination and be assessed almost instantly.

Ms Poole added: “Letting a cleaning company into your home is a big deal and a responsibility that we take very seriously.

“We have also introduced a new best-practice forum online so that our cleaners can share tips.”