City diner snaps back at bad TripAdvisor reviews

Bruno's 7 to 7 Diner at Tollcross. Picture: Deadline News
Bruno's 7 to 7 Diner at Tollcross. Picture: Deadline News
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THE sharp-tongued owner of an American-style diner has taken to flame-grilling customers who leave bad reviews on TripAdvisor.

Celena Collins fears her new establishment is being “nobbled” by jealous rivals who put up bogus one-star reviews.

Celena Collins. Picture: Deadline News

Celena Collins. Picture: Deadline News

So Celena, 50, has hit back at her “deluded” critics with a series of barbed counter-attacks which have been shared on social media.

The owner of Bruno’s 7 to 7 Diner in the Tollcross area of the city has so far received 64 TripAdvisor reviews, 29 of them “excellent” and 19 “terrible”.

Some of the attacks are more than 1000 words long and describe her eatery as “unfriendly”, “tacky” and “greasy”.

One complained: “Terrible management who argued and bullied both staff and customers... terrible menu... terrible food. Just don’t bother. Many other quality restaurants nearby.”

Picture: TripAdvisor

Picture: TripAdvisor

Celena hit back: “We are a diner, not a restaurant. The clue is in the name. As regards to the food being greasy, overcooked, overpriced and unfulfilling, you are deluded.”

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Another critic penned a 1128-word diatribe against the restaurant including the complaint they were expecting a “serious chilli fiesta” in the mouth but got something akin to Heinz Spaghetti Hoops.

Celena replied: “Wow... what a looooooooooong complaint...the sandwich was super spicy and if you’re saying it wasn’t I can only assume you have no tastebuds left in your mouth.”

A ten-paragraph, one-star complaint mentioned “slow service” and “bad food”, claiming the meal was “undercooked” and “greasy”.

“We remember you and your partner well from Sunday,” replied Celena. “Extremely miserable on arrival and extremely difficult to communicate with. You need glasses I think. ‘Half our reviews one star’ you say? Not true, as everyone can count.”

Explaining her robust approach to customer relations, Celena said: “I feel like we have been targeted by customers leaving scathing reviews, slating us for no reason. I absolutely believe that some of the people who have left bad reviews are associated with other restaurants in the area.

“If we have screwed up I will put my hands up, but our service is impeccable and we have the best staff ever.

“I was brought up to treat people how they treat you, and if someone leaves a negative review I will always respond.

“We bend over backwards to make customers happy.”

Bruno’s is named after the cafe owner’s dog. The cafe’s website claims it has the “eating culture of the 1940s & 50s, an era when fat-free, low carb and counting calories did not exist . . . or obesity.”