Child loss help packs rolled out in Lothian

A HELP pack designed by families who have lost children has been developed for bereaved parents in the Lothians.

The health board's Rainbow Pack offers guidance and support to parents whose children have passed away at home, in hospital or in the community.

The views of adults who have already been through the trauma were collected ahead of publishing the pamphlet.

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Katrina Marshall, palliative care liaison nurse at the Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh, said: "The idea first came about in 2008 when it was felt that not enough information was available for families who had lost a child.

"Initially, the packs were developed and piloted in West Lothian. They have now been adapted for use throughout NHS Lothian.

"Other areas have also recognised the value of these packs and are interested in adapting them for their own use."

The product gives parents advice on arranging a child's funeral, how to access help with expenses, additional telephone numbers for counselling and support, how to register a child's death and helping others around the family cope.

Communication cards are also included to help siblings express their feelings.