Chasing growth 'making crisis worse' says expert

CONTROVERSIAL views which claim that the drive for continuous economic growth is threatening society will be discussed tonight at a business talk in the Capital.

Professor Tim Jackson, economics commissioner of the Sustainable Development Commission and a UK Government sustainable development adviser, will speak at the event.

Prof Jackson's report, "Prosperity Without Growth", argues that the relentless pursuit of economic growth is a root cause of the current financial crisis, as well as contributing to the world's environmental crisis.

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Jane Wood, chief executive of Scottish Business in the Community – which invited Prof Jackson to the event, said: "At a time when we are seeking to recover from a recession, it may seem an inopportune moment to question economic growth. But at Scottish Business in the Community we believe this is absolutely the time when we should be questioning everything."

Professor Jackson said: "Too many in politics and business are not ready to accept that the economic crisis is a symptom of a fundamental problem with our growth-based economy. Using the economic crisis for some fresh thinking and restructuring is not just window dressing, but central to ensuring we are better prepared for problems in the future."

The event takes place at Napier University's business school, and will be followed by a debate.