Woman at Kevin Bridges comedy show laughs her way into labour

Comedian Kevin Bridges
Comedian Kevin Bridges
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A WOMAN in the audience at a Kevin Bridges show laughed so hard she went into labour five weeks early.

The unnamed woman had to be rushed to hospital during the show last Saturday at the SECC in Glasgow, and, according to a comment posted by her friend on Bridges’ Facebook page, gave birth to a daughter that night.

Leanne Owens wrote: “My friend laughed so much last night that she went into labour and her little princess was born just after 11pm. A day she will never forget.”

She added: “Musta been all the laughing she was doing. She wasn’t due for another five weeks but both doing great.”

More than 10,000 Facebook users have ‘liked’ the post and 150 have commented on it.

One wrote: “Jealous!!! I am due in six weeks and was at the Kevin Bridges show last night. My friends and I commented about the amount of pregnant people there that one was bound to go into labour.”

The Clydebank-born comedian took to Twitter to congratulate the new mother, posting: “Just heard someone went into labour at my Glasgow show on Saturday, congratulations to them.” A spokeswoman for the comedian said he was now trying to track the woman down.

It is believed she was sitting in the second row of the 12,500-strong audience, and gave birth to a girl she has named Orla.