Scottish independence: Celebrity reaction

Piers Morgan... leaving the UK apparently. Picture: PA
Piers Morgan... leaving the UK apparently. Picture: PA
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CELEBRITIES took to social media to discuss their reactions to the Scottish independence result this morning.

Author JK Rowling was feeling more than a little tired after watching the live coverage but said that Scotland could be proud about what had been achieved. She tweeted: “Been up all night watching Scotland make history. A huge turnout, a peaceful democratic process: we should be proud.”

Not everyone was as happy with the result though, comedian Brain Limond, better known as Limmy, was disappointed, he said: “I had this image of us standing side by side with all these other nations of Europe, governed not by the elite but by ourselves. Gone.”

Fellow comedian Greg Hemphill took a little more optimism from just how close the final count was and was defiant with this statement: “Congratulations to the No camp. But give it ten years and this appetite for Change will be galvanised. Change is inevitable!”

Other actors, such as Sam Heugh and Alan Cumming shared their own views on what they felt had been a disappointing end to a long campaign. Outlander star Heugh summed up his feelings with one word: “Gutted”. Meanwhile X-men star Cumming took the chance to remind the Yes camp that there was still a battle to be fought, he said: “My YES friends, let’s turn our passion towards ensuring the Devo Max promises the Westminster establishment have made to us are delivered”

Even those not directly involved in the campaign got involved.

Manchester City star Vincent Kompany tweeted: “Scotland votes No. Hard to look past those headlines. Just my opinion: would love to face some Scottish sides in the Premier League.”

The prize for the most ingenious way to bring in the live coverage had to go to Dara O’Brien and Professor Brian Cox who shared a twitter whisky drinking session. Professor Cox began by saying: “I’ve decided to have a glass distilled in every count location, with the abv chosen to represent my prediction for the result.”

Before O’Brien joked: “I toyed with ABV to turnout, but it got dangerous very quickly.”

Finally, the man everyone seems to love to hate had his say on the whole affair, over to Piers Morgan who said: “I love Scots, even the abusive ones who want to do strange things to my bampot. Glad we’re keeping our dysfunctional UK family together.”

He then post a picture of his passport before adding “Relax I’m going” when questioned on his previous tweet saying he would leave the UK if Scotland voted No.