Roger Federer gatecrashes Andy Murray Twitter Q&A

Andy Murray in action at the Davis Cup in Glasgow last week. Picture: Getty
Andy Murray in action at the Davis Cup in Glasgow last week. Picture: Getty
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ANDY MURRAY’s Twitter account went into “meltdown” after arch-rival Roger Federer joined in with a scheduled fan Q&A session.

Twitter users were asked to use hashtag #askAM to send questions to the tennis star.

But Federer wanted a piece of the action, and made a cheeky jibe about Murray’s hair.

Federer wrote: “@andy_murray how do you get your hair to be so curly? #askAM #HelpABrotherOut

Murray responded in good humour, saying: “Haha I don’t take as good care of mine as you! I saw you checking your hair out during the photoshoot yesterday #silkysmooth.”

He added: “However you do have beautiful hair.”

Federer replied: “It’s all about the hair Andy. You know that.”

Murray then tweeted an old picture of himself with a huge mop of curly hair. He wrote to Federer: “Let me know if you ever want to go down this route. Think it would be good for your image.”

As the conversation went viral, with thousands of re-tweets and responses, Murray closed off the session with a reference to a popular shampoo advert.

He wrote: “My Twitter has gone into meltdown since the hair conversation I’m going to get ready for practice! Have a great day... Because you’re worth it.”

Fans were delighted with Murray’s half-hour online chat, which saw the Dunblane based star answer questions from around the world.

Other highlights included him being asked “Do you prefer giraffes or hippos?” (“I think a hippo but both are quality”).

Even an account claiming to represent the Wimbledon Roof, long a source of tension with tennis players as it opens and shuts according to the weather, got involved.

It asked: “Do you still hate me? Can’t we just be friends?” To which Murray replied: “I don’t hate you! You’re just a bit too humid for my liking but I’d still take you out for a drink.”


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