JK Rowling spends £22 million on luxury yacht

Picture: Marine Traffic
Picture: Marine Traffic
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SHE’S one of the most succesful authors of the modern era and is worth a reported £580 million.

JK Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter series of children’s novels, has now used her super-rich status to buy a luxury yacht once frequented by Hollywood royalty.

Edinburgh-based author JK Rowling has bought a new luxury yacht

Edinburgh-based author JK Rowling has bought a new luxury yacht

The Edinburgh-based writer has spent £22 million on Amphitrite, a 156ft liner which was first owned by the actor Johnny Depp.

Rowling reportedly fell in love with the vessel after holidaying on board last year with husband Neil Murray and children David, 12, and Mackenzie, 10.

The yacht - which has three decks - was given an £8 million makeover by Depp in 2008. It was originally named Vajoliroja - a pun on the Jolly Roger pirate flag when said aloud, and a tribute to Depp’s success in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt enjoyed a cruise on board in summer 2010 after the actress became close to Depp while filming The Tourist.

Depp sold the yacht to an American shipping magnate last year.

It features five cabins, a large master saloon and plenty of entertainment options for guests.

The yacht comes with a waterski, wakeboard, windsurf, kayak and snorkeling capabilities and includes a home cinema.

Metayachts.com, an industry website, describes the vessel as being “inspired by the gentlemen’s yachts of the 1930’s – she’s a smaller replica of the iconic 446ft Savarona, launched in 1931 at – she invokes the romance and glamour of a by-gone era.

“It’s all there: The long overhangs, the clipper bow, the funnel, the counter stern, and – as once noted – enough teak and mahogany to fill a Rothschild library.”

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