Frankie Boyle in Twitter row with James Arthur

James Arthur hit back at Boyle, calling him a "sad man". Picture: Getty
James Arthur hit back at Boyle, calling him a "sad man". Picture: Getty
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COMEDIAN Frankie Boyle was engaged in a heated row on Twitter yesterday with X Factor contestant James Arthur.

The row began when Boyle tweeted that he thought the singer was like “a cross between a tramp and a duckling”.

Arthur responded to the tweet with: “I wanna meet you and see if I don’t f*** you up”.

He also said: “Poor old man making yet more s*** jokes about the X Factor because he knows that’s the only way he can get attention any more. Prat.”

Boyle’s response was: “I think if I wanted attention I’d be singing covers on a talent show.”

The initial argument sparked a series of angry comments from the X Factor favourite.

He posted on his Twitter page: “You’re a sad man and I can’t wait to see you coz it’s about time someone gave you a reality check.

“Have you seen the state of you? How can you make remarks about the way I look? Stop using my name to try to rekindle your career, and making jokes about people on TV shows is one thing but you make jokes about people with disabilities and that is a disgrace.”

James Arthur’s feed later featured a comment from the singer saying: “No more tweets about Boyle I’m not giving him the publicity he clearly desires so don’t tweet me about it please. I’m all about positivity.”