Billy Connolly to leave letters for grandchildren after death

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LEGENDARY Scottish comedian Billy Connolly has revealed he’s written a series of letters for his grandchildren to read after his death.

The 72-year-old suffers from Parkinson’s and has recently battled prostate cancer.

He has fathered five children across two marriages and wanted to give his grandchildren something to help them understand the wonderment of the world.

He hopes that Walter and Barbara, children of his oldest daughter Cara, will not read the letters until after he has passed away.

“I still write with a fountain pen. I’ve been writing to my grandchildren since they were born, long before they could read,” said Connolly.

“They haven’t read the letters yet. They probably won’t read them until I’m dead.

“But I was saying to my daughter maybe they won’t be able to read cursive with the ways things are going.”