Ashley Jensen tells of Cuban police scare

The Scottish actress gets annoyed at �4 cups of tea. Picture: Contributed
The Scottish actress gets annoyed at �4 cups of tea. Picture: Contributed
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UGLY Betty star Ashley Jensen has revealed her worst travelling experience was ending up in a police station in the Cuban capital Havana.

The Scottish actress said: “My boyfriend at the time and I went to what we thought was just a funky nightclub. Actually, it was a brothel.

“We were having a dance, came back and my bag had gone. We ended up going to the police station in the back of a police car, taken away as though we were criminals.”

She added: “When we got there, the police were sitting around not really speaking English and drinking rum out of plastic cups. I just sat there thinking: ‘We’ll laugh about this if we ever get out!’”

The Extras actress, who appears in new dance film All Stars, also told how she recently relocated from London to Bath because it is one of her “favourite places”. But she said Umbria in Italy – where she and her actor husband Terence Beesley bought a house before they moved to the US for Ugly Betty – has totally seduced her.

“I love the light, the countryside, the language and the fact that children are accepted everywhere.”

Jensen, 43, originally from Annan, added: “I can just loll about, read my cookery books and eat lovely Italian food.”

She told how she travelled with a travel kettle in her luggage. “I get annoyed at having to pay £4 for a cup of tea or a coffee and a £5 service charge on top. Before you know it, you’ve paid £10 for a tea bag,” she said.