Case study: ‘I work in Pizza Express but I’m determined to be an architect’

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DOMINIC McAndrew is a 22-year-old, who studied architecture at the University of Aberdeen. Since graduating, he has struggled to find work in his chosen field.

“I sent hundreds of CVs to companies across Scotland, Then I sent hundreds of CVs to companies across the US. I even got a visa in case I was offered work out there.

“I must have sent out around 500 CVs in total but I still have not managed to find work in my field. Eighteen of us graduated in our year and so far only three have found a job.

“I am working full time as a restaurant manager at Pizza Express in Edinburgh. This is obviously not my ideal career path but I have actually done much better than my other architecture friends.

“I have quite a lot of experience working in restaurants and coffee shops. My friends who are working are all on minimum wage, earning around £12,000 a year.

“I don’t regret studying at university as I really want to be an architect.

“I have my own website and a portfolio of work to show prospective employers.

“But I know the job market is flooded with qualified applicants and this is a real challenge for everyone.

“People are graduating every year with the same qualifications and there just aren’t the jobs available. I don’t intend to stay in hospitality. I am going back to Aberdeen to do my MA in architecture next September.

“If I still can’t find work in Scotland after this I am going to try America again. I’m also going to apply to companies in Australia and China. These countries have the strongest growing economies.”