Cannabis accused preferred
‘clean slate’ to hard work

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A CANNABIS grower who assaulted a police officer has been jailed – after refusing to carry out unpaid work.

Craig Sheridan demanded to be imprisoned because he wanted “a clean slate” when he has served his sentence.

Sheridan, 23, pleaded guilty to growing dope plants in an “unsophisticated” operation at his home in Prestonpans, East Lothian, on March 1.

The labourer also admitted to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner when he demanded entry to a house and threw a brick at the back door of the property on July 5.

When police caught up with him that night, Sheridan also admitted to lashing out at one of the officers who was trying to arrest him.

Sheridan was jailed for a total of 281 days for the three offences after telling a sheriff he would not carry out any unpaid work order when he appeared at Haddington
Sheriff Court.

Defence solicitor Colm Dempsey said: “He simply wants a clean slate so that he can start work with his uncle when he is liberated – it’s not a position that I often advocate to the court.”