Cameron Toll bans trader following Remembrance Sunday incident

Cameron Toll Shopping Centre,Picture; Neil Hanna
Cameron Toll Shopping Centre,Picture; Neil Hanna
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A RETAILER has been banned from trading at a shopping centre in the Capital after they reportedly clapped and shouted “boo” during a two-minute silence for the war dead.


The incident happened on Remembrance Sunday at the Cameron Toll Shopping Centre, with one shopper saying they were “absolutely appalled” by what they had heard.

Eyewitness Mhairi Innes hit out at the individuals involved and posted on Facebook that their actions showed an “utter disrespect” for service men and women who had lost their lives.

She said: “Clapping and shouting “boo” during this reflective moment [was] tainting it for everyone who wanted to show respect.

“When confronted they laughed and joked! I understand not everyone wants to take part in Remembrance but at the very least you do not mock it.”

Staff at the shopping centre told the News that they took immediate action after receiving a number of complaints about a trader “intentionally” disrupting the silence.

In a statement, the management team said: “We acknowledge the many complaints received from shoppers about an incident during the two-minute silence held on Remembrance Sunday.

“Whilst we respect individuals’ rights not to respect the two-minute silence we were disappointed they created a disturbance and we responded promptly to the situation.

“As a result the retailer issued an apology.

“The centre management has received a number of complaints over recent months about this retailer and for that reason it has been agreed, with the retailer, they will no longer trade from the centre.”

The move was welcomed by readers of the News, who took to social media in their droves to condemn the retailer’s actions.

Eleanor Baker posted to say the behaviour was “disgusting”, while Nan Mcewan added: “Glad to hear swift action has been taken,well done Cameron Toll management”.