Calls for urgent ‘reset’ of Scotland arts funding model

An urgent “resetting” of policy and funding for the arts in Scotland is needed as current models are not good enough, according to a Holyrood committee.

Ryan McGoverne's image of Scott Hutchison is now a permanent part of Scotland's national art collection. There have been calls for an overhaul of policy and funding for the arts in Scotland

A report by the Scottish Parliament’s culture committee into thearts funding system recommends “serious consideration” to setting a baseline target for national arts funding, running across all government departments, above one per cent of the Scottish Government’s overall budget.

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Committee convener Joan McAlpine said: “The overall aim of this report is to put the focus of the arts funding system on the artists themselves. The committee heard compelling evidence that significant action is needed to achieve this.

“Public funding of Scotland’s arts and culture will only become sustainable if artists are at the centre of policy and paid the fair wage they deserve. The committee has therefore called on the Scottish Government and Creative Scotland to take urgent, robust action to ensure this becomes the case.”

The report also states that the geographical distribution of national arts funding needs to be improved “as a matter of priority”.