Cabbage diet helps Gail Porter’s hair grow back

Gail Porter has revealed her hair is starting to grow back after a diet of raw cabbage. Picture: SWNS
Gail Porter has revealed her hair is starting to grow back after a diet of raw cabbage. Picture: SWNS
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THESE pictures show how troubled model Gail Porter’s hair is finally growing back thanks to a strict diet - of raw cabbage.

Gail, 43, is overjoyed that a new healthy lifestyle has lead to the return of her blonde hair - which famously fell out due to a battle with alopecia.

Now Gail’s head is covered with a thick coating of ‘fuzz’ hair that is growing back - for the first time in ten years.

She is putting the growth down to a raw food detox diet involving uncooked cabbage and vegetables.

Edinburgh-born Gail, who now lives in London, said: “For the first time in years I’ve got eyebrows and eyelashes again.

“I now always carry three different mascara in my purse, just because I’m so excited about wearing it.

“My hair is growing back - it’s not been this thick for years.

“It’s because I’ve been detoxing for a few weeks now.

“I’m putting everything into getting healthy, and it’s really working.

“Raw food seems to be helping my hair. When I come to the spa I get a big spurt of hair growth. I’m over the moon.”

Gail’s week-long stay at Slimmeria, in Crowhurst, East Sussex, her third of the year, has seen the celeb eating little more than apples and raw cabbage in a 400-calorie-a-day diet while doing rigorous exercise.


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She said: “I’m getting my body and mind sorted first, then I’ll look for a man.

“I’ve been single for too long, so this will be my last Christmas alone.

“I’m 43 now so I’m a bit worried I’m going to be on my own forever. I’ve got a cat.

“I never thought I’d be that woman with a cat watching box sets every night - but that’s what I am.

“I’m not going to get too excited, since I’ve been struggling with my hair for ten years, but I reckon this time it’s here to stay.

“Well, I’m going to try to not get too excited.”

She claims that despite trying to get her hair back she is quite content without it but she’s not always quite used to it.

She said: “Nah I don’t give a f**k I’ve not had hair for ten years. I save a fortune on hair gel.

“Some guy came up to me that I quite fancied. I thought he was flirting and I flicked my head as if I had hair.

“He looked at me as if I had a tick. No wonder I’m single.”

But daughter Honey - who Gail says is “12 going on 19” - likes her just the way she is.

She said: “My daughter saw it last week and said you just look daft.

“She loves me as I am and thinks I’m cool. I’m not, I’m just a cat lady.

“She’s happy I’m bald and that’s great. If she’s happy I’m happy.”

Gail is now trying to break into the world of TV production and reckons there may be a couple of upcoming documentaries for her.

She also wants to do more stand up and has done about 20 gigs so far but still refuses to tell her friends when they are.

She said: “I would definitely go on I’m a Celebrity. It would be funny - I’m a ninja I can cope, and it’s not like I’m going to get bugs stuck in my hair.

“But I think I would die in Big Brother.”


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