Bus driver stabbed in weekend of violence

A BUS driver was stabbed at the wheel of his vehicle after challenging a group of youths in a weekend of knife violence which left one teenager dead and another fighting for life.

Police are hunting three youths who attacked the driver of a number three Lothian double-decker, in Westfield Road, Gorgie, at 11.50pm on Saturday.

The 47-year-old warned the boys after they started hassling other passengers. They started kicking the door of his cab and then one reached through and punched him.

Another pulled out a knife, reached into his cab, and stabbed him in the left thigh.

The youths fled and an ambulance was called. The driver was taken to hospital but his injuries were not serious and he was later discharged.

A spokesman for Lothian Buses said:

"It is a fairly modern bus with CCTV and I expect police will be viewing that to try and get some information.

"There's a screen on the door but drivers don't have it up all the time as it creates a barrier between them and the passengers."

The incident is unlikely to prompt a security review of protection of Lothian Buses drivers.

The spokesman added: "Our security is already pretty advanced compared to other bus companies, with CCTV and screens.

"We won't be advising drivers to keep the screens up if they don't want to. At the end of the day we want to maintain interaction between drivers and passengers, most of whom are law-abiding citizens.

"However, obviously we are concerned about what happened on Saturday night."

The youth with the knife is described as white, about 6ft, and was wearing a dark-coloured beanie hat, dark jacket and jeans.

The second is also white, 16 or 17, with short dark hair, of medium build, and was wearing a white Fred Perry tracksuit. The third is 5ft 10ins to 6ft and has short dark hair. He was wearing a dark-coloured jacket and jeans.

Meanwhile, 18-year-old was fighting for life at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary today after suffering a knife wound to the neck at about 2.30pm yesterday in a flat in Southhouse Square.

One man, who asked not to be named, was reported as saying: "It was like a terrorist operation - there were police everywhere.

"It's not the kind of thing you expect to happen on your own doorstep."

The latest incidents come as two men are set to appear in court today following the death of 16-year-old Christopher Bruce in an alleged stabbing attack.

The teenager, also known as Clay and CJ died after an incident in Hay Gardens, Niddrie at around 3.15am on Saturday morning.

The men, aged 28 and 21, were later arrested after the youngster was found lying in the street.

Flowers and a shirt belonging to his favourite football team Rangers were pinned to railings near where he died.

Ryan Walker, 17, was reported as saying: "This is a terrible shock to everyone in Niddrie and Craigmillar.

"Clay was well-liked and had lots of friends. He wasn't a troublemaker."