Burst pipe in Edinburgh hits main water supplies

The main burst on Orchardhead Loan. Picture: Google
The main burst on Orchardhead Loan. Picture: Google
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Homes and businesses in the city centre have been thrown into chaos today after a burst water main in Liberton left several without water and caused minor flooding in some areas.

Scottish Water warned areas including the city centre, the Old Town, Canongate, Liberton, Prestonfield, Little France and The Inch were to be affected.

The Royal Botanic Gardens was forced to close its gates “until further notice” at around midday, while several businesses in the old town were also closed due to a burst in a 22-inch main on Orchardhead Loan. The Commonwealth Pool was also closed.


Homes in several areas suffered a loss of supply and instances of low pressure, while homes on Orchardhead Loan suffered minor flooding damage.

Customers in the EH8 and EH9 postcodes suffered similar problems last week, with a loss of service reported on Wednesday and Sunday.

Engineers are reportedly on the scene attempting to fix the problem, though a timescale for the repairs to be completed is currently unknown.

A spokesperson for Scottish Water said:

“We are working to put backfeeds in place to prevent loss of supply or low water pressure in other areas of the city. We also have staff on site in Orchardhead Loan to assist customers in the area who’ve been affected by flooding. About six properties have been affected.

“This burst is linked to a valve on our network which manages water pressure throughout the city. A problem appears to have occurred with the valve overnight and this has led to the burst water main in Liberton and potentially one other burst.

“We apologise for any disruption to customers in terms of the water supply and, of course, to customers affected by flooding where the burst occurred.

“We will do everything we can to restore normal water supplies to affected customers as quickly as possible and we have staff on site now to help customers affected by flooding.”