Brides-to-be devastated after wedding venues enter administration

Crowwod House Hotel.
Crowwod House Hotel.
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Dozens of brides have been left “devastated” after finding out their wedding venues have gone into administration.

Burnhouse Manor Hotel in Ayrshire and the Crowwood House Hotel in Chryston, North Lanarkshire, officially went under on December 4.

And now couples across Glasgow have been forced to cancel their big day, with only months to go.

Katie Quinn, 45, from Auchinairn, East Dunbartonshire, has lost close to £10,000 after the plug was pulled on her Summer 2019 wedding at the Crowwood House Hotel.

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The mum-of-three says the saddest thing about it is she received “absolutely nothing” from the venue.

Katie said: “We booked our wedding a few months ago sometime between the end of May and the beginning of June.

“We paid a deposit of £600 and after that, we’ve been using our visa debit card to pay £600 every month.

“So far we have paid £3,500 but Danny [her partner] and I have been left devastated because we have lost £10,000.

“Although our hotel was supposed to cost us £6,000, I’ve lost out because I’ve gone and bought my wedding dress, cake, light up dance floor, flowers, wedding rings and everything else, you name it.

“I was informed that the Crowwood went into administration but that was through a close friend, not the Crowwood House Hotel.

“I have received absolutely nothing from them, not even a sense of sympathy.

Katie added: “When we were booking our wedding with them, we did not get any indication that they would be going into administration.

“They didn’t even tell us they were in serious debt, It’s absolutely shocking.

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“It’s not fair. We were promised the red carpet welcome, seat covers, a three-course meal including wine for the guests and many other things.

“I’m just a cleaner, I don’t have that kind of money to just spend all the time.

“But what I find absolutely surprising is the fact that the Crowwood is in administration, yet they are still trading.

“I finally decided to call the administrators and I had said I wanted to cancel my wedding, but they told me that I’d still be losing out because they don’t have any money to pay me back.

“Even if that hotel gets bought over, we could still lose out because it’s up to the new owner if they wish to oblige to giving us our wedding. It wouldn’t be their problem, it’s a Crowwood problem.”

Angela Logan, 31, from Penilee, Glasgow, is another bride who has been left in limbo after booking her wedding in January 31.

An emotional Angela, whose big day is booked for June 26, 2021, said: “I’m absolutely stressed out.

“I’ve saved as much money as I could to get our wedding in place, we booked the Burnhouse Manor and we also went to view it.

“Our package which is for 50 daytime guests and 100 night time guests was supposed to cost us £2,500 and the venue is £1,250.

“We paid a deposit of £500 two weeks after we booked it, then for the rest of the months we paid £250 and what else we could manage.

“But because we paid it all in cash, it means we can’t claim it back.

Angela didn’t yet have wedding insurance as her big day is more than two years away.

She added: “My family have helped me pay for my wedding and I can’t even ask them for more help, it’s just so difficult.

“I got an email from the administrator on Tuesday but I didn’t read it till yesterday. I tried to call the hotel but there is no one actually working there anymore.”

While Crowwood House Hotel is still operating, a statement on its website confirms that is it under administration.

Joint administrator Tom MacLennan said: “The Crowwood Hotel is a staple of Glasgow’s hospitality sector, servicing a wide spectrum of customers from across Scotland and overseas.

“Unfortunately, a decline in trading conditions has negatively impacted the company’s business, alongside additional financial obligations resulting from the failure of a related company.

“As a priority, we are working closely with various stakeholders to carry out a review of the business and will be considering all options available. We will be working closely with the company’s management to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcome for everyone involved.”