Brexit deal vote: Nicola Sturgeon brands blow to Boris Johnson's plans as 'excellent'

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has commented on Boris Johnson's defeat in the Commons today, saying his losing run continues.

MPs effectively cancelled today’s ‘meaningful vote’ on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, challenging the Prime Minister to obey a law requiring him to delay the UK’s 31 October exit date.

The House of Commons backed an amendment put forward by former Tory MP Sir Oliver Letwin, which withholds approval for the deal until the Withdrawal Act Implementation Bill is passed.

The First Minister commented on Boris Johnson's defeat on Twitter, saying his 'losing run' had continued, and celebrated that his 'bad' deal can now be subjected to real scrutiny.

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She added that the Prime Minister seemed 'deflated and defeated' as he responded to the 'severe blow' to his plans for the UK to leave the EU on October 31 under his deal.

Nicola Sturgeon hailed Boris Johnson's defeat as 'excellent'. Pictures: Getty Images

Nicola Sturgeon hailed Boris Johnson's defeat as 'excellent'. Pictures: Getty Images

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford, who spoke at the debate on the Brexit deal vote, saying Scotland will not continue to be 'shafted', said: "The Prime Minister has returned from Brussels to present a deal that he knows, that we all know is actually worse than Theresa May's deal.

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"It is a deal that would see Scotland shafted by this United Kingdom Government, left at an economic disadvantage, with Scotland's views totally disregarded by this Prime Minister and his Government. Not a single MP who cares about Scotland's future should consider supporting the Prime Minister today."