Brenda Page’s sister has “given up hope” of finding killer

THE sister of a murdered Scots scientist has revealed that she has given up hope that the killer will ever be caught.

Brenda Page. Picture: submitted

Rita Lang, whose sister Brenda Page was attacked and murdered almost 40 years ago, said she does not believe the mystery will ever be solved.

Dr Page’s murder in the summer of 1978 at her flat in Aberdeen brought an abrupt end to the life of a brilliant scientist who also led a secret existence as an escort girl.

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Earlier this year the Lord Advocate announced that detectives were re-examining the cold case in light of “significant” advancements in forensic science.

But Ms Lang, 80, said yesterday that the move had given her little faith that police will finally catch the killer responsible for her sister’s death.

She said: “Now, I have more or less given up hope. It seems so long ago.

“The police came to see me when they announced the case was being reopened, and there is a liaison officer who keeps in touch.

“They said that they were working on it and that they were hoping that something comes from it and that they would let me know.

“But nothing has happened. Nothing has changed.

“I am not expecting much at all.”

Dr Page’s violent death shocked the people of Aberdeen when the story emerged, followed by amazement when the details of her double life leaked out.

The murder of the scientist, 32, who by day ran a cutting-edge laboratory at Aberdeen University, generated headlines around the country as police mounted a large-scale manhunt for the person responsible.

By night, the hard-up divorcee accompanied wealthy businessmen on dinner dates in an effort to supplement her income.

Her battered body was found in her bedroom after colleagues became worried when she did not turn up for work.

The night she died, Dr Page had been doing escort work, dining at the city’s Treetops Hotel with two businessmen.

She left them about 2:30am and drove the short distance home to her flat where she met her death.

She was battered and beaten in the frenzied attack on 14 July 1978.

Her body was discovered by a neighbour, who let herself in when the scientist failed to turn up for work the next day.

The two businessmen she had dined with when last seen were later eliminated from the inquiry.

Her former husband Dr Christopher “Kit” Harrisson, whom she had married some six years earlier in 1972, was also excluded from the investigation.

The two gifted scientists had a rocky relationship and Dr Page left the marital home in Aberdeen’s Mile End Place after they divorced in October 1977.

She bought the Allan Street flat, and also took out a court order against Dr Harrisson.

It is understood Dr Harrisson lived in Holland for many years but moved back to Aberdeen around the time that it was announced that officers were re-examining the case.