Bookbug toys recalled amid safety fears

The Bookbug mascot with author and illustrator Catherine Rayner at Vogrie Country Park.
The Bookbug mascot with author and illustrator Catherine Rayner at Vogrie Country Park.
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THE Scottish Book Trust has called for the removal of wooden toys from its toddler Bookbug bags amid safety fears.

An estimated 45,000 wooden egg shakers were distributed across Scotland to NHS boards, libraries and local authorities under the free Bookbug scheme.

Many have already been given to families of children aged between 12 and 24 months.

But the charity was forced to withdraw the toy when it learned of four incidents whereby naturally occurring knots in the eggs’ shell became loose.

This could become “problematic” if small beads in the shakers were to become loose in a toddler’s hands.

Marc Lambert, CEO of Scottish Book Trust, said: “We must emphasise that we have discontinued the egg shakers as a precautionary measure.

“They passed a number of rigorous tests, including the British Safety Standard Tests.

“Our number one priority is the high quality of Bookbug bag items, so when a handful of these egg shakers subsequently did not meet the high standards we require, we took the precautionary measure of removing the egg shakers from future circulation and provided precautionary advice on their use.

“If parents have any questions, they should feel free to contact Scottish Book Trust directly.”

The trust has now issued advice to libraries, local authorities and NHS boards, asking them to remove egg shakers from Bookbug bags, while posters highlighting the problem have been distributed to health centres and libraries.

Families with a shaker who have concerns about its safe use should dispose of them, the charity advised.

Bookbug Toddler bags are given to parents of all children aged between 12 months and 24 months in Scotland.

They contain a selection of books, a CD of songs, crayons and drawing paper.