Bonnybridge gains its new gateways to Nature

The Bonnyfield Local Nature Reserve in Bonnybridge now has three eyecatching new arches to point the way for visitors.

The reserve’s Ranger team has been working with Morgan Blacksmiths in Cumbernauld to create the three metre-high structures, which were designed with the help of the reserve group and local people who use the park.

Access Ranger Fiona Wright said: “They were keen to have the original logo that local schoolchildren made when it was designated Falkirk’s first nature reserve in 1998.

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“The arches have a variety of wildlife on them associated with the reserve including roe deer, fox and the resident heron.

“The reserve is important in Falkirk for pollinating insects so there are also butterflies, dragonflies and the burnet moth which is found in the reserve”.

She added: “Bonnyfield is an important refuge for wintering birds and all kinds of mammals, and has some important meadows.

“One of the meadows was awarded coronation meadow status which was presented to one of our team at Highgrove House by Prince Charles in 2013.

“Coronation Meadows are outstanding examples of our remaining meadows and are rich in a wealth of flowers and able to be held up as the flagship meadows for the UK.

“The new arches are impressive and will finally give this little nature reserve its name above the door and a sense of place.

“Some people may think it’s just a park or a greenspace, so these new arches will be a fantastic new entrance feature for the reserve as well as letting people know that they are entering a nature reserve - and the responsibility that comes with that”.

The arches are at Bonnyview Place, Emma’s Way, and the playing field entrance to the reserve behind Bonnybridge Community Centre.