Blockchain conference Scotchain returns for third year

Blockchain conference Scotchain will return to Edinburgh for its third year and will explore the challenges faced by industry in adopting distributed ledger technologies.

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The not for profit event will be hosted at RBS Gogarburn in Edinburgh on 8th November and has been organised by data recruiter MBN Solutions and blockchain specialist Spiritus.

The organisers say Scotchain will focus on the reality of how Blockchain can disrupt industry and bring about a step change in embracing disruptive innovation.

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Susan Ramonat, Chief Executive of Spiritus Partners and event co- organiser said, “Each year, this event attracts some of the best speakers globally and this year is no exception. Scotchain always attracts world-class speakers, entrepreneurs and organisations who've got a 'sleeves rolled up' mindset. They'll talk about what's real and what's actually happening. They also won't pull punches about the hard challenges remaining to be tackled for blockchain to deliver value - to make good on its promise of transforming key elements of how enterprises, government, academia, and the third sector operate.”

Scotchain 18 will see this year’s event evolve to tackle challenging issues of how to get the most from this exciting and disruptive technology.

Chairman of MBN Solutions, Paul Forrest said “Attending Blockchain and practitioner events can be a lottery as the agenda often exposes much of the audience to little more than a Blockchain ‘shop window’. Scotchain refuses to follow suit with a genuine desire to cut through the hype and hyperbole by assembling the world’s leading authorities on Blockchain and building an audience led agenda. With a focus on answering real questions about how to embrace such technologies, Scotchain will equip participants with valuable insight from those with genuine experience of bringing Blockchain solutions to the market.”

This year’s event will facilitate a deeper understanding of what Blockchain enables and supports - how it complements and extends the value of other disruptive technologies such as AI, machine learning and IoT, that are rapidly transforming our lives and society, and the extent of the regulatory environment in which it operates.

Kent Mackenzie, Deloitte’s Risk Advisory Leader for Fintech and RegTech stated, “The growth in interest and applicability of blockchain technology has gathered a huge amount of momentum over the last few years, with practical examples of this type of technology being used across a range of sectors from healthcare, to distribution, to financial services. This year I am particularly interested to explore the perspective regulators and policy makers are forming to ensure we set out a responsible yet conducive framework to allow more innovation to occur, but in a way that looks after the interests of the consumer and the end-user.”

Scotchain's organisers say the event will provide an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing of ideas.

Michael Young, Chief Executive of MBN Solutions said “Our event is open to all no matter what level of prior knowledge you have or from whatever sector you work in. As in previous years, there will be a healthy degree of networking and knowledge exchange between participants from across a range of sectors including fintech, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing or energy; the arts, travel, tourism and entertainment. Whether you work in a hugely commercial business, the public sector, academia or a third sector venture, you will find something for you with our carefully assembled agenda.”

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