Black Widow found in Aberdeen industrial estate

A POTENTIALLY deadly Black Widow spider has been found in a shipment delivered to an industrial unit in Aberdeen.

Picture: SSPCA

Officers from the Scottish SPCA were called in to rescue the venomous arachnid after the charity was contacted by shocked employees at a company based at Kirkhill Industrial Estate in Dyce. They had discovered the Black Widow spider inside a shipment from America on Tuesday.

Nick Martin, who runs an exotic animal rescue charity in Inverness and has a Dangerous Wild Animals Licence, has now offered the spider a new home.

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Karen Hogg, an SSPCA Animal Rescue Officer, said: “After some quick research, the people who found this spider were pretty certain it was a Black Widow. They’re very distinctive spiders due to the bright red hourglass shape on their bodies.

“The callers waited until I arrived rather than attempting to catch it themselves, which was very wise as Black Widows are highly venomous. A bite would leave you feeling very unwell and, if suffering from an underlying medical condition, it could even prove fatal.”

She added: “We are delighted that this spider has been offered a new home by Nick, as we know he has all the experience and expertise to be able to provide it with proper care and a suitable environment.”