Bin men fail to collect garden waste due to iced-up lids

Jason Rust says the non-collection of brown bins is 'unacceptable'
Jason Rust says the non-collection of brown bins is 'unacceptable'
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BIN MEN are failing to collect garden waste because bin lids are frozen shut.

Residents in Craiglockhart, Lanark Road, Colinton, Fairmilehead, Currie, Balerno, Meadowfield and Willowbrae have been told they will have to wait for the next scheduled collection for the garden garbage to go.

Even then, their emptying will depend on whether the contents have thawed, as bin men will be unable to shift any frozen waste, the city council has warned.

Councillor Jason Rust said he had been contacted by about 15 residents who had been left bamboozled by the failed collections.

He said many had seen the bin lorry on their street, but found their rubbish was untouched when they went to take their bins back in, which he called “unacceptable”.

He said: “A number of residents have been in touch regarding non-collection due to their bin contents allegedly being frozen and there is concern regarding the wait until future uplift.

“This is the first occasion I have come across over the years in relation to this complaint and it is frustrating if we have a protracted cold spell and the council is unable to act.

“It would be useful to know what measures, if any, other local authorities take. It seems quite clear to a number of residents that no serious attempt was made to clear the garden refuse bins – all the bins in some streets being left exactly where residents left them, completely undisturbed, and many full and have their lids slightly open, so frost or ice was not an issue.”

David Bewsey, of Redford Gardens, Colinton, said it was ridiculous that the bin men let a frozen lid stop them.

He said: “I can open a bin when the lid’s frozen – you just give it a big pull. It’s an ongoing saga of utter stupidity.

“It’s worth pointing out that they fought for their jobs and got them, so now it’s time to get on with them. It’s also nearly Christmas – have a bit of goodwill.”

The council’s waste services department said crews have reported that in some parts of the city, particularly in exposed areas or on higher ground, bin lids were frozen shut or the contents were frozen solid. It said bin crews are unable to service the bins in these circumstances.

The latest problem follows the introduction of fortnightly collections ten weeks ago, with the scheme drawing fierce criticism from householders who labelled it “shambolic”.

A council spokesperson said it was not a new phenomenon and only affected the garden bins, not general waste.

They said residents were advised to return bins to their usual storage point and re-present them on street on their next scheduled collection day.