Best-selling Vauxhall polls poorly for satisfaction

VAUXHALL, which boasts two of Scotland's three best-selling cars, has been voted one of the worst manufacturers in a new reliability and driver satisfaction poll.

Eight of its models feature among the bottom 20 of a survey of 100 models – including the bottom two places.

However, the carmaker was beaten to the wooden spoon by Peugeot because of its poorly-performing 307 and 207 models.

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The Vauxhall Corsa, the current top seller north of the Border, was placed 84th – 29 places lower than last year. The previous version of the Corsa, made until 2006, propped up the foot of table.

A former version of the Vauxhall Astra – whose latest model is Scotland's number three best seller – was in 99th place.

Auto Express magazine, which conducted the poll among 23,000 drivers, said Vauxhall owners were becoming "increasingly dissatisfied".

By contrast, Skoda was named best manufacturer for a second year, followed by Lexus and Jaguar. Skoda's Octavia was third best model behind the Jaguar XF – last year's winner – and the Hyundai i30, which topped the table.

Auto Express said the 2000-06 Corsa surveyed worst for comfort, and ride and build quality.

The latest version was fifth worst for performance. The survey concluded: "Owners tell us it's as much of a letdown as the previous model, with poor pace and questionable practicality."

Some of Scotland's other top sellers fared little better. The Ford Focus, number four in sales, only managed 51st place in the survey.

Auto Express editor-in-chief David Johns said the Hyundai i30's top placing marked a major achievement for the Korean carmaker. He said: "Congratulations to Hyundai. . "Owners have told us what good value its cars are. This is proof Hyundais can match that with reliability and satisfaction."

The Honda Jazz was named best supermini, Skoda Octavia best family car, Mercedes C class best compact executive and the Audi TT best sports model.

Skoda UK Brand Director Robert Hazelwood, said: "Being awarded the best manufacturer again is great news."

Some motoring groups were left puzzled by Vauxhall's poor showing.

Automobile Association president Edmund King said: "These results are baffling. The results in no way reflect the experience we have had in dealing with Vauxhalls. Our technical expert can't think of any data, cases or complaints we've received which support the results for the Corsa and Astra. They don't show up in the cases I've been dealing with."

Vauxhall declined to comment on the results.