Baby victim of Super Glue on shopping trolley prank

The mother of the child had to scrub her baby's hands free of the handlebars. Picture: TSPL
The mother of the child had to scrub her baby's hands free of the handlebars. Picture: TSPL
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A HORRIFIED mother had to scrub her baby’s hands loose from a shop trolley after cruel vandals smeared Super Glue all over the handlebars.

The woman was shopping in the B&M homeware store on Saturday afternoon when the incident happened at Aberdeen’s Kittybrewster retail park.

She rushed for help as soon as she noticed her 14-month-old baby’s hands were not moving off the trolley handle as they walked down one of the aisles.

Yesterday, store manager Dave Farquharson said he was shocked to find the mum and her baby caught up in the ordeal and has launched an investigation to track down the culprits.

He said: “She came into the shop up the aisle and noticed her baby’s hands were not moving like they should have been and not coming off the trolley and grabbed one of the members of staff.

“We took her through the back into the warehouse to make sure the child and the mother was okay. The mother said the child had a skin condition as well so that was a worry, and the mother suffers from eczema. She had it on her hands but she wasn’t concerned about herself.

“We gave her all the tools that she needed. There is a way you can get the glue off but because of the child’s skin condition she just wanted water.

“If they had left it that wee bit longer it could have become a serious situation because of how quickly glue can dry. They caught it quickly.

“The mother managed to get it off.”

Mr Farquharson said he was now trawling through 16 hours of CCTV footage in the hope that he could find the vandals.

Shop assistants found the discarded pack of Super Glue at the back of the store - and also discovered that other trolleys had been targeted at the front of the shop.

He said store staff were concerned about the mother and her baby following the incident which happened at about 3:30pm.

He said: “I was horrified to be honest that someone could do that. I’ve got kids myself.

“In my 20 odd years of retail I’ve never seen anything like that before.

“I’ve seen customers fighting over stock on Christmas Eve but nothing like that.”

Dave believes youths could have stolen the glue from the retail park store and smeared it over trolleys as part of a prank.

He said: “It was the child I was worried about, we got her through the back and spoke to the mum and dad and gave them money off their shopping as well.

“I offered her 10 per cent off the whole shop as an apology.

“It’s not much when your child was stuck to a trolley - some individual obviously thought that was hilarious.

“I really don’t understand the mindset of individuals who would have thought it would have been a prank.”