Astronaut tweets amazing image of Scotland from space

Move over Major Tim Peake, there's a new astronaut in space.

Astronaut Jeff Williams' picture of Scotland on a 'rare cloudless day'. Picture: Jeff Williams/NASA

Wisconsin-born spaceman Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Williams is currently working on the International Space Station (ISS) as Commander of Expedition 47/48, alongside Russian duo Aleksey Ovchinin and Oleg Skripochka.

And just like his predecessors Commander Chris Hadfield, Major Tim Peake and Terry Virts before him, Williams has been tweeting breathtaking images from high above our planet, including photos of Scotland.

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One of his most recent images shows a nearly cloudless Scotland, with the caption: “We had a great view of Scotland today... very rare to not be covered with clouds.”

At the time of writing, the image has been retweeted nearly 4,000 times and has received more than 7,000 likes.

Williams, Ovchinin and Skripochka will leave the ISS in Spetember, and will be replaced by Anatoli Ivanishin, Takuya Onishi and Kathleen Rubins.