Astronaut’s photo of Northern Lights over Scotland

The Northern Lights above Scotland. Picture: Twitter/AstroTerry
The Northern Lights above Scotland. Picture: Twitter/AstroTerry
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ASTRONAUT Terry Virts, currently Commander of Expedition 43 to the International Space Station, tweeted this picture of the Northern Lights over Scotland.

He posted two photos on Wednesday, with the caption: ‘Ireland, UK and Scandinavia on a moonlit night under an amazing and everchanging aurora’.

Virts - a Colonel in the United States Air Force - is Commander of the expedition on his second spaceflight, taking the same role as Chris Hadfield on Expedition 35.

Cmdr Hadfield built up a massive following on Twitter for his photos of our planet from space, including several pictures of Scotland.

And now Virts is following in his footsteps during his stint on the ISS.

Born in Maryland, Virts was selected as a pilot by NASA in July 2000, and his assignments have included lead astronaut for NASA’s supersonic jet training programme; crew support astronaut for Expedition 9 and piloted the Space Shuttle Endeavour mission to the ISS in February 2012.

The natural display of the Aurora is caused by charged particles entering the atmosphere.


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