Arjen Robben ‘bitten by crocodile’ in Qatar

ARJEN Robben has claimed he was bitten by a crocodile when he tried to retrieve a stray ball from a water pool at Bayern Munich’s winter training camp in Doha.

Arjen Robben, with bandaged hand, is challenged by Sebastian Rode during Bayern Munich's winter training camp in Qatar. Picture: Getty

The Dutch international told BILD: “When I got a ball from the hole by the pool, a crocodile bit me.”

Ex-Chelsea winger Robben now wears a bandage on his ‘heavily bruised thumb, middle and ring fingers’ after being bitten, according to the German newspaper.

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However, a more likely explanation is that the Dutch international simply injured his hand during a weights session in the gym.

Altogether more plausible, but significantly less dramatic.

Ten of the strangest footballing injuries

SOME footballers suffer more injuries than others. Some footballers also have the misfortune of suffering truly bizarre setbacks.

1. Richard Wright

The Manchester City goalkeeper once injured his shoulder falling out of a loft as he tried to pack away a suitcase.

2. Dave Beasant

Staying with goalkeepers (well, they are meant to be crazy), veteran ‘keeper Dave Beasant once severed the tendon in his big toe by dropping a bottle of salad cream on his foot.

3. Kirk Broadfoot

The ex-Rangers defender suffered burns after a poached egg exploded in his face.

4. Jerome Boateng

Boateng was forced to wait for his Manchester City debut after the German aggravated a knee injury in a collision with an airline drinks trolley.

5. Svein Grondalen

The former Norway international missed a match in the 1970s after colliding with a moose while out for a run.

6. Ivano Bonetti

Former Dundee boss Ivano Bonetti once sustained a fractured cheekbone after Grimsby manager Brian Laws threw a plate of chicken wings at the Italian.

7. Milan Rapaic

Croatian footballer Milan Rapaic once missed the start of the season while with Hajduk Split after sticking his boarding pass in his eye while waiting at an airport for a flight.

8. Darius Vassell

While at Aston Villa, Vassell spotted a blood blister beneath the nail on his big toe, and attempted to drain the blister while using a Black & Decker drill. However, he picked up a blood infection and had to have the whole nail removed.

9. Alan Wright

The diminutive Aston Villa defender splashed out on a Ferrari, but being just 5ft 4in, had to stretch to reach the accelerator and while doing so, promptly picked up a knee injury.

10. Chic Brodie

Finishing with another goalkeeper, the Brentford goalie sustained a shattered knee cap after a dog that had run onto the pitch during a match collided with Brodie as he collected a backpass.