April Fool’s Day 2019 roundup: From tropical Buckfast to a ginger sperm bank

Were you tricked by our April Fool’s Day story on plans by the SNP to turn Scotland into a cash free society?

An Aberdeenshire parlour claimed it was launching its first hot ice cream.

If our story had been true, then Scotland would have become the world’s first cash-free country under plans being drawn up by the SNP for a post-independence currency.

Here is a roundup of some of the other April Fool’s stories by newspapers and Scottish companies.

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Ginger Sperm bank

Lothian Buses said it would be launching its first airline.

Irn-Bru kicked things off this morning announcing the launch of the Ginger Institute.

In a tweet to its 41,000 followers, the soft drink manufacturers wrote: “It’s not like us to make a serious post, but this is a vital cause: the world’s first Ginger Sperm Bank.

If you know anyone who can contribute, please encourage them to visit.”

The trick did not go down well with everyone however, with @Xxchrisxbossxx tweeting: “A great April fools would’ve been “We are bringing back full sugar Irn-Bru!” But that’s no happening...”

New Edinburgh Airline

Lothian Buses also used Twitter to announce the launch of Lothian Airlines.

@DonnaEdinburger liked the sound of the new airline, tweeting: “Nice one ... five minutes into work, bypassing the endless roadworks!.”

Hot Ice Cream

An Aberdeenshire parlour claimed it had launched its first hot ice cream.

Mackie’s of Scotland’s 19.2 parlour, based in Aberdeen’s Marischal Square, said it would sell the fiery creation today on a first come, first served basis.

Pauline Macleod, New Product Development Technologist, said: “Although hot, the new addition to the parlour has all the elements you would expect from Mackie’s – including our own creamy chocolate as the basis for the fiery treat.

“We had another few ideas in the pipeline but we thought that this would really get tongues wagging – and not just from the heat!”

World’s first multi-coloured rhododendron

The Press and Journal claimed the world’s first multi-coloured rhododendron has been discovered in the Highlands.

According to an expert, this new hybrid, dubbed Flora Pi Lo, may have been caused by rainbows.

New 50p emoji poo piece

The Scottish Sun claimed that the Royal Mint’s latest coin collection was based on emojis including poo.

They said it was one of six themed 50p pieces — the others feature a peach, a heart, a flame, an aubergine and a crying with laughter smiley.

Tropical Buckfast

The Daily Record ran a piece claiming that Buckfast was set to launch a ‘tropical’ flavour of the tonic wine.

They said that bosses felt the new flavour would divide fans as much as Brexit.

Victor Headlock, a spokesman for the drink brand, apparently told the newspaper: “Much like Brexit we’re guessing that half the nation will love this drink, the other half will probably hate it.”