April Fool: The Scotsman to launch ‘ScotsMeme’ app

SCOTLAND’S national newspaper is set to unveil a brand new way to stay up-to-date with the day’s events - a meme-based news app.

The ScotsMeme in action. Picture: Contributed
The ScotsMeme in action. Picture: Contributed

The new ‘ScotsMeme’ app will provide updates and analysis on Scottish news, politics and sport, delivered solely through pictures of animals and famous actors from the 1990s.

Expertly-captioned Doge images will sum up the day’s breaking news, while comment pieces from The Scotsman’s stable of pundits will be brought to life by the likes of Grumpy Cat, Success Kid, and Gene Wilder dressed as Willy Wonka.

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Scotsman.com readers welcomed the news. Reader Fay K. Storey said: “Life is really hectic at times, and it can be hard to work out whether a politician’s latest speech has hit the mark. I mean, they go on and on and on, sometimes for up to 10 minutes.

“With ScotsMeme, I’ll know what’s happening straight away. After all, a picture of Patrick Stewart holding his head in his hands on the deck of the Enterprise really does speak a thousand words.”

Other readers took to Twitter to give their support. One tweeted: “So modern. Much edgy. Very Scotland. Wow”. Another wrote: “Not sure if really good idea, or just very good idea.”

A Scotsman.com spokesman explained: “The news paradigm has changed, and we have to react to the changing tastes of our online readership.

“Admittedly, we didn’t think they’d want complex political news explained by an angry cat, but we have to take them at their word. After all, no-one would make this kind of thing up, would they?”

• This article was, incredibly, an April Fool - see some of our favourites from around the web here