Apple release two new TV ads promoting the iPad mini

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APPLE have released a further two television commercials promoting the iPad mini.

Following on from their success with the product’s piano advert, which saw two people use the GarageBand app to play the popular instrumental piece ‘Heart and Soul’ on an iPad and an iPad mini respectively, the company have launched two new adverts that demonstrate how the mini tablet performs just as well as its full sized counterpart.

The first advert, entitled ‘Photos’, features the song ‘Two of a Kind’ by Bobby Darin and Johnny Mercer. Two users view photos from albums on both an iPad and an iPad mini, and in true Apple style, the photo stream is perfectly sequenced. The ad demonstrates that the same photo features and image quality exists in both tablets.

The second, entitled ‘Books’ proves a similar point. Two readers demonstrate the function of the Bookshelf app, before selecting classics such as Herman Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’ on the iPad and Jack London’s ‘The Valley of the Moon’ on the iPad mini. The advert goes on to highlight the page turning and bookmarking facilities that are built in to the smaller tablet, proving that e-reading is just as easy on a smaller tablet.

Both adverts demonstrate how the iPad mini comes with the same functions as a regular iPad. It is expected that they will be featured prominently in the run up to Christmas.